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UNHS 15FW Box Logo Crewneck Black White Navy Grey Pink Camo

Code d’Article: No.SP套01-03-30、02-01-30、02-03-10
Ventes: 1213
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USD $75.00
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Économisez $15.10(20% Off)
  • Couleur:
    White Grey Navy Blue Pink Camo
  • Taille:
    Small Medium Large X-Large
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Unités 433 en Stock
  • Description

⦁    Sup box logo

⦁    FW15, in the white, black, grey, navy, pink and camo colorway

⦁    Box logos are the most hyped items, and with these you can flex on your friends with your superior style

⦁    Made with the same quality materials and stitched logo as the OG

⦁    Rare, very expensive pieces that will be perfect for any collection

S Bust 110cm Shoulder 45cm Length 68cm Sleeve 64cm 

M Bust 114cm Shoulder 47cm Length 71cm Sleeve 65cm 

L Bust 118cm Shoulder 49cm Length 72cm Sleeve 66cm 

XL Bust 124cm Shoulder 51cm Length 74.5cm Sleeve 67.5cm


Commentaires client
Commentaires client les plus récents
  • ParLucas Liboiron
  • Apr 12, 2017
First things first: This crewneck is amazing quality. Its identical to the true preme crewneck and its amazing quality. But in my opinion i still feel 69$ is a little high as it also costs another 20$ for shipping. I had no horizontal lines, no floating E and everything exact. I was excited when i got it!! A little backstory on my history. First time buying from the website, i made a order of 250$ with a pair of shoes, banner shorts, and a white crewneck. It all went good when it was almost 3 weeks of "Awaiting shipping". I emailed them and they replied saying "its sold out, refund / exchange?". Idk it kinda made me mad because i was waiting 3 weeks when it was sold out this whole time and i could've gotten something else, but whatever Their customer support was nice and friendly, refunding me everything, and it turned out for the better because when i bought again, it was on sale for 50$. Also I'm 6 Foot, 155 pounds, muscular / bigger build, Large fits be perfect even though i usually wear medium sweaters, and small / medium shirts.

  • ParJonathon Ikeda
  • Apr 06, 2017
Honest Review: Okay so I purchased the Grey and Camo Crewneck box logo, a month passes and I finally get both. okay so for the Grey Crewneck, the box logo was terrible because you can CLEARLY see horizontal lines on the Bogo and that is a dead giveaway... and its a shame because the Camo Crewneck Box logo is PERFECT (No horizontal lines at all) but then they screw me by making the neck hole of the Camo Crewnck wayyyyy to big like I could literally fit 2 heads in it, it looks straight up retarded, so now I cant wear either out in public because ill be called out for either fake (Grey box logo crewneck) or retarded (Camo box logo crewneck). Rip wallet -$180 :(

  • ParHenry Godbolt IV
  • Jan 04, 2017
Overall 5 stars, 5 stars down the board. Hands down a perfect product. The Crewneck I received had practically no flaws, was made with very thick cotton, and arrived smelling fresh as ever. Check out my video for more looks and information! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggGOXKMwJZA

  • Parjack
  • Jan 01, 2017

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